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Rec: Kebab Kubideh (a Persian kebab)

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Posted to Thread #10889 at 11:43 pm on Jun 1, 2008

My, my, myÖ they were so good grilled and basted on my new Breville grill! Caution: It took me a half hour to grate two medium sized onions! Yes, a lot of work but definitely worth it.

I yielded five kebabs by forming them on a long strip of tin foil and used my 1 ft. wooden stick ruler as a guide. I searched high and low to find the skewers locally but had no luck. I did find them and could have ordered them on line but thought I would just make them thicker. I just decided to make them as indicated in the recipe without using the skewers, although they were slightly thicker than 1/4Ē thick. After forming, I inverted the tin foil to place onto two Styrofoam plates, covered with same, and put in the fridge.

I cooked them on the grill open-faced (because I didnít want to overcook them and Iím not used to the new grill) that was lightly coated with olive oil for five minutes per side on sear and then closed the lid for another three minutes after checking. Lovely grill marks! The saffron butter is delectable but limited, so only baste them nearing completion on each side. I used my thinnest heat-resistant baking spatula to turn with the help of another spatula.

Link: Kebab Kubideh

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