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Sitting here with sign around my neck "Will Larder Barder for Tomatoes"

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Posted to Thread #10964 at 5:23 pm on Jun 8, 2008

All this talk about home-grown or locally-grown tomatoes is driving my taste-buds into overdrive.

First, a point of clarification: I spent the first 26 years of my life DESPISING fresh tomatoes. As far as I was concerned, they ruined a perfectly good salad. I couldn't eat a sandwich once a tomato--even if removed--had been layered in it. Chicken salad nestled in a tomato half was sheer mockery...its <i>tomato-iness</i> tainting the chicken flavor.

All this changed the day George C, age unknown but as sweet as an old, crotchy Italian can be, gave me a paper bag filled with his home-grown western PA tomatoes. George and I worked together at Westinghouse. He was a union draftsman while I was the token non-union female draftsperson hired to counter-balance 144 men. God Bless the math of Affirmative Action.

George had walked home for lunch and picked a bag full of vine-ripened beauties for me. I received them 30 minutes later still warm from the sun.

Unlike my daily 120-mile commute now, back then my commute was a 0.7 mile walk to Westinghouse. I had planned on making spaghetti sauce with the tomatoes, but the smell was almost overwhelming on the walk home. For some bizarre, unfathomable reason, I wanted to eat one, invalidating 26 years of established behavioral patterns.

If I could handle being the only female in a unionized male bastion, I could brave trying a fresh tomato. I placed this intrepid act on the same level as Jonus Salk testing the polio vaccine on himself.

This tomato was tart; it was acidy; it was Love at First Bite. Or, to quote Count Dracula from the movie of the same name: <i>"Children of the night, shut up!"</i>

See link at Larder Barter for offer of "Dyslexic Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce with Issues" for fresh tomatoes. I want to make Laurie Colwin's tomato pie and am not prepared to waste 14 points per slice on mealy, tasteless tomatoes.


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