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Rec: Spicy Deviled Eggs. Donít laugh but I just perfected them tonight and must share with you!

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Posted to Thread #11466 at 9:07 pm on Jul 22, 2008

I make these perhaps twice a year and when I do, I experiment. I had a craving for them tonight and they were really good and spicy but not too hot. The recipeís ingredients are of course to taste, but hereís my guideline:

3 all natural cage-free hard-boiled brown eggs (my fave)
1 heaping tsp. of Grey Poupon mustard
Lightly sprinkle in salt and coarse or ground pepper to taste
Dashes of cayenne red pepper
A smaller dash here and there of good chili powder
Hellmanís Real Mayonnaise to taste

In a large coffee mug, use a teaspoon to break up and mash the cooked egg yolks, pressing on the sides of the mug to desired consistency.

Add the mustard. Add the dried ingredients and mash again. Add the mayo to suit and add more dry ingredients to taste and mix thoroughly. Tiny tastings with a clean new spoon is key! Place the mixture in the halved egg whites and sprinkle paprika on top for color. Chill and enjoy! A summer delicacy at best!

Edited to say: Place the deviled eggs on a normal sized dinner plate and top with a large enough Styrofoam plate to cover. This method is nonstick and you may then want to wrap in Saran wrap for transport.

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