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Rec: Fish in Coconut-Tamarind Sauce. A beautiful blend of flavors

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Posted to Thread #11554 at 10:01 am on Aug 1, 2008

My notes:

I really liked this recipe.

Mind you, there is a misprint in the title of the recipe that I provided via the link. It should read as indicated in the title I’ve just posted here. This is an easy and delicious recipe that only needs some onions to round it out. You can order tamarind paste or purchase it at your neighborhood Indian grocer(s) – I am blessed!!

I halved this recipe using .92 lb. of my favorite deskinned red snapper filet which was the only one left at my fishmonger. Since I was lacking +.50 lb. of fish and added 4 oz. of onions, the recipe turned out great in spite of it all!

I added 4 oz. of just thicker than 1/8” of sliced white onions using my mandoline. I just knew this dish needed some onions and I’m very glad I heeded my own instincts. After sautéing the coconut milk and red curry paste while whisking constantly to blend until dissolved, and at this point, taste it and add more paste if you want (I used 1.5 tsp. for my preference). I then added and sautéed the onions until soft and proceeded with the remaining directions of the recipe.

Some more notes:

I used light (lite) coconut milk (shake first!)

I used light brown sugar in lieu of palm sugar. According to my ‘The Food of Thailand’ cookbook, Page 290 states “Palm Sugar (naamtaan piip) Palm sugar is made by boiling sugar palm sap until it turns into a granular paste. Sold in hard cakes of varying sizes or as a slightly softer version in tubs. Malaysian and Indonesian brands of palm sugar are darker in colour and stronger in flavour. Unrefined, soft light brown sugar can be used instead.”

I used one large frozen kaffir lime leaf and folded it in half and snipped out the vein and then finely sliced it crosswise using my scissors (thanks to Luisa and her tips!)

I served it over jasmine rice.

Link: Fish in Coconut-Tamarind Sauce

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