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Capt AR Perfecto ran a DVT (Dawn Viscosity Test) last night...

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Posted to Thread #11977 at 4:31 pm on Sep 17, 2008

Took 4 small 3" chinese porcelain flat bowls.
Put 1 tsp of Dawn in each.

1/2 tsp of rubbing alcohol
1/2 tsp of white vinegar
1/2 tsp of water
1/2 tsp of Dawn (control)

Thus, each bowl ended up with 1.5 tsp of fluid.

Laid some rubber-grippy drawer liner stuff (non-technical term) at the top 3" of a large cookie sheet and lined up the bowls touching the rim so they were even.

Dragged Larry (aka Igor) into the laboratory and had him witness a Galileo simulation of the effects of gravity.

Tipped up the far side of the cookie tray, lifting it more and more vertical, which caused the liquids to run to the edge of their bowls and spill over. Kept tipping until all the fluid ran out, almost 70-80 degrees vertical. Captain Perfecto's nether region was all a'quiver at the anticipation of bowls crashing to the countertop, spewing Dawn everywhere.

The rubbing alcohol version won hands down.
The water version came in next
The plain Dawn came in third.
Surprisingly, the vinegar thinned version came in last. Also turned cloudy and even more viscous.

Also noticed the rubbing alcohol version washed off the easiest from the cookie tray.

Captain Perfecto is going to add rubbing alcohol to the remainder of this bottle and see if he likes it. Or he might just pierce his ears and use the rubbing alcohol there, reliving the trauma of his crazy teens.

Can anyone think of a reason why this is a bad or unsafe idea?

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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