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Thanks to Heather in SF for Beer-brined chops and GayR & MargCA & LisaLA for biryani

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Posted to Thread #12169 at 12:15 pm on Oct 6, 2008

The chops (#11915) turned out amazing. Even though I burnt them on the grill, I DID manage to NOT set fire to any part of my body this time--so "yay". Had a small butcher shop cut the chops 1.5" thick.

After charring one side to a crisp (re: the "10 minutes per side" stated in the recipe, I obviously had the grill set on TOO-TOO high, proving once again that I know squat about grilling.) Flipped and cooked the other side 2 minutes, checked--they were still raw inside, took them in the house, stacked them on top of each other and covered tightly with foil.

10 minutes later they were PERFECT inside. Just the barest hint of pale pink. I'd rate them a B+ for flavor and a D for appearance. But I'll get better at that. Have 2 more brined chops sitting in the frig ready to practice my grilling skills.

The biryani (#12112.1) I'll rate a B for flavor and a C for appearance. This--I'm sure--is due to my inability to cook rice. The recipe is VERY specific on all steps except for two areas: how long to cook the rice and the amount of salt. I did end up buying basmati rice and apparently par-cooked it to mush. There's a photo of the apricot/pistachio version in the Food & Wine link and mine looked NOTHING like this. His grains look separate....mine were one congealed mass.

The cranberries/pistacho/spicy blend was very good, but I'm not sure if the yogurt mixture is supposed to look curdled. Special thanks to LisaLA's generosity which meant I had saffron(thanks Lisa!).

The recipe says to add salt to taste, but this ends up making a FULL dutch-oven full of biryani and I didn't season it evenly. Some tastes was bland, some was over-salted, and some were perfect. I'm grading it on the "perfect" spoonfuls and will research a better way to season before trying again.

This took quite a while to prep the steps--taken with the hope that it would be an A recipe. It definitely has potential and I obviously need more experience.

Thanks again for all who lead to these two recipes.


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