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#18096: I use a big ol', heavy, gigantor cast iron frying pan. . .

Posted by: mistral at 3:42 am on Apr 21, 2010

Get it smoking hot, have all my stuff prepped and go for it. The wussy burners in my house don't keep it very hot for long but this pan works the best of any I have tried for small to moderate amounts of stir-fried foods. I can make some great stir-fried green beans and chile and garlic and some wonderful roll-cut stir-fried asparagus in it.

Best fried rice I ever made was last summer when I used this pan out on our patio on our Coleman camp stove that my husband had adapted to burn propane. Smoking, really smoking hot and the rice had that most excellent toasted flavor, simply wonderful. I guess propane burns hotter than natural gas, or at least it does on the Coleman.

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