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#18263: Heather...Notes on the Urban Italian Kitchen

Posted by: Traca at 4:43 am on May 25, 2010

Hey Heather, I cooked out of the Urban Italian Kitchen for my clients today and all but one recipe I tried was a knock out.

Winners were:

- Chicken cacciatore
- Lamb ragu
- Polenta (I addded a boatload more cheese, personal preference.)
- Marinated chicken, which uses a roasted garlic vinaigrette.

My only dud was the olive and orange topping for the swordfish dish. Sorry, don't remember the exact name. I made the topping and wasn't wowed. Ended up throwing that in the garbage without going any further.

I had only cooked a couple recipes in that book before I did my write up on it. After today, I'm certainly looking forward to cooking from it some more. Now that I'm digging into it, I see how he adds all these great tips and tricks that are really insightful. I like this book even more now that I've been cooking up a storm lately.

What all have you made from the book? Anything I should zero in on as a favorite?

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