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#18734: Peach Crostata advice needed

Posted by: Tess at 5:47 pm on Aug 5, 2010

I've made crostatas before.... but this is the first time I'm making peach. The recipe calls for thinly sliced firm ripe fruit... my peaches are .... well ..... very very ripe.... very soft... very very juicy. But I had my heart set on a crostata... So - I'm thinking

slice them not so thin - so that they don't cook down to total mush

let them sit in a colander while making the dough - toss them in the lemon juice and a tiny bit of sugar, let the juices drain so that it won't run all over the place when it cook

reduce the juices - perhaps reduce the juices to a thick glaze to brush on after it's done cooking while it's still warm? what do you think - too much? or drizzle over the ice cream that'll be on the side?

Any other ideas to avoid these overripe peaches from oozing all over?

Hmmm thinking about it - I do have some tapioca.... what if I mixed a small amount of that in....