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#19159: I'm really eperimenting with new-to-me Asian food

Posted by: DawnNYS at 3:10 am on Oct 13, 2010

Today I made ramen noodle salad - never really made anything with them before except for the ramen noodle cole slaw. The recipe was a comination of rice vinegar, sesame oil, honey, and soy sauce mixed and added to stir-fried noodles. Add thinly sliced red and green peppers, carrots, peas, and onions. Peanuts, bite-sized pieces of chicken, and golden raisins are optional; saute until chicken is done.

Next trial will be soba noodles with slices of beef or pork, chili pepper sauce, and broccoli. I think I'll use yakisoba sauce to give it a little tang.

Then, vegetable sushi (I think made up, not-do-it-yourself, this time) for the potluck. Just a simple California one - avocados, rice, and carrots wrapped in soy wraps and served with sweetened fish sauce. No nori - ugh, hate the taste of it. Maybe one version with salmon, cream cheese, red pepper, apple slices?, cucumber, and...

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