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#27770: But they missed the Flaming Cabbage!

Posted by: CathyZ from Kauai at 5:04 pm on Jul 4, 2015

My Husband and I owned an old-fashioned ice cream soda shop and diner. One day we decided to entertain the staff of our bank whom we knew pretty well. We decided on late 50s and early 60s food- hors 'd. I did my research and came up with the star of the party in a Joy of Cooking: the Flaming Cabbage.

So I took a whole cabbage, took a slice out of the bottom to make it sit sturdy. I hollowed out the top just so a small can of sterno could fit flush in it. I set the whole thing on extra cabbage leaves and put some shredded carrot and parsley around the bottom for the display. Then I took 3 lengths of bamboo skewers (smallest like long toothpicks) and impaled the goodies on them: hunks of vienna sausages, cubes of Spam, sturdy cheese cubes, green olives, etc. The idea is that you get the sterno flaming and everyone can "grill" their own tidbits. Served with Saltine and Hi Ho Crackers. It was a huge hit. I should have taken photos.