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#27799: Don't stuff your bags with food, Jane.

Posted by: CathyZ from Kauai at 4:19 pm on Jul 13, 2015

the airlines charge for bags as you most likely know. Any extra you pay for food here is made up by the bag charge usually.

We have Costco. It is pretty much the same prices as the Mainland. Besides groceries, buy their rotisserie chicken- it is the lowest price on the island and delicious. Costco easily saves me 30% or more over buying groceries anywhere else on the island.

I paid $4.45 for 18 eggs yesterday. And you will be nearby the Foodland store in Kapaa which has better prices than the other nearby store, Safeway. We also have Cost U Less which is a smaller (than Costco) big box store that requires no subscription. It is also in Kapaa.

We have wonderful farmer's markets. And any spices and herbs you need I most likely have and will share with you.

Do not try to bring fresh fruits or vegetables or fresh herbs into the state. They will be taken from you by the Ag department.