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#28413: The Pot Roast That Just Keeps on Giving

Posted by: MarilynFL at 8:15 pm on Jan 25, 2016

A month ago I thanked CathyZ for her hints on making a tasty pot roast. I had baked a 3.5 pound roast and ended up putting four small containers of leftovers in the freezer. Two of those ended up as normal pot roast again, but the last two took a different path.

I was craving Shepherd's Pie, which is odd, since I don't like lamb. But I DO like the idea of meat & veggies smothered in a warm blanket of mashed potatoes and cheese. So here's what I did: thawed out the last two containers of pot roast, sautéed more carrots, parsnips and onions, made a brown gravy using English BISTO, added frozen peas, took Pillsbury pie dough, rolled out one sleeve, covered that with grated cheddar, rolled out the other pie crust on top, pressed those together, filled the 9" pie pan, prebaked that for 10 minutes, then grated some more cheese on the bottom, then added the beef/veggies/gravy, then topped THAT with Bob Evans mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives, 2 egg yolks and some left over home fries, then grated MORE cheese on top of that, then put it all on a big cookie tray and baked it until warm and bubbly and the crust was brown. Good grief. What a winner. And while it was runny while hot, it sliced perfectly when chilled and even microwaved okay. Not pie crust can survive a microwave, but the flavor is still all there.

That may be the best 3.5 pounds worth of meat I've made in years.

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