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#28892: We have both been missing pizza

Posted by: colleenmomof2 at 7:45 pm on Jul 26, 2016

and finally broke down (3x in the last week+) and ordered it cheese-less. Surprisingly, with lots of toppings and a bit extra sauce, we find we don't miss the cheese. I know - blasphemy! The first try ended up burned on the bottom a bit. Still tasty crust and tons of veggies/sauce. Next was thin crust - crackerish. Not our favorite but so good! Our last pizza was a previous cheesy favorite with chicken, banana pepper slices and feta toppings. This time, not enough sauce or toppings. Waaah! But I fixed the remaining half at home by adding Trader Joe's pizza sauce along with sautéed onions, green peppers and fresh mushrooms. Suddenly, just as good as original topped with cheese. :-) Colleen