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#29258: I tried a new dish at Thanksgiving and everyone liked it (or at least said they did).

Posted by: Amanda_Pennsylvania at 3:47 am on Dec 7, 2016

I always do a cranberry relish (cooking the cranberries in boiling water and sugar until they pop, then cooling it). But about a week before Thanksgiving, I was browsing through my aunt's town cookbook (Corona Cooks) and found a recipe for Orange Cranberry relish that sounded really good.

(The recipe, BTW, was from Geraldine Perkins, who was the first woman pharmacist in New Mexico; a very bright woman who died a number of years ago. But I remember her well from my childhood.)

Anyway, you grind up an orange, the zest of one orange, an apple, a bag of cranberries, and a cup of sugar. Let sit overnight to blend. That's it. (Next time, I'd do 3/4 cup sugar--it was a tad sweet.)

It was just lovely with the turkey.