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#29708: Yes we finally took our apricot tree out because of the birds

Posted by: MariaDNoCA at 6:28 pm on Jun 25, 2017

My parents housing track each had a walnut tree because it had been planted in an orchard. Not one of those trees are left in the neighborhood. The neighbors cherry tree which had the best cherries was taken out when they moved. Even the orange trees you see everywhere are being taken out when somebody new moves in. I'm doing the opposite and trying to bring food back to the home landscape.

At one point we had a peach, I nectarine, Blenhiem apricot, Meyer lemon and a black walnut tree. Only the Meyer lemon remains mostly do the birds. I want to put the fruit trees back into the landscape but this time I want to espalier them so I can reach them before the birds.

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