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#29855: I am so glad you are all ok. I recall, 5 years ago or so, when we went through Storm Sandy. It

Posted by: barb_b at 12:17 am on Sep 14, 2017

was quite an ordeal. It really brings out the best / worst in people. I recall some neighbors going to gas lines w/o helping others for generators.... BUT, also the best in people. My tea group really came through with help for all. We had the generator, so we were home base for many. dh said I did great until we lost water. I think that is when I really needed to take deep breaths. I live in my kitchen, wash hands all the time. My kids know first thing they do when they come home is take off shoes, then wash hands. The water thing was too much for me. Fortunately, it came back soon~

I am so glad everyone is OK! What an experience!