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#30061: Homemade Puff Pastry...

Posted by: Richard in Cincy at 4:01 am on Jan 4, 2018

Love it. The first time I made it I was amazed at how easy it is. It just takes some time. I don't think taking shortcuts pays off for the finished product,other than dedicating the time to be there for the turns, what is the advantage?

The first time I did puff pastry was with a dear friend from music school who had gone on to the Cordon Bleu in Paris and was working at one of the top restaurants in Chicago when she came through for a visit. She announced that we would do puff pastry, I said "do we have time?" She said, we're going to be here all day working on this dinner, we have time.

The actual hands on time was truly minutes as we'd pull it out, roll, turn, and throw it back in the fridge. Having an old hand at it made it easy.

That evening we made Beef Wellington, Palmiers, hors'd'oeuvre, and pastries for breakfast.