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#30235: Where has my banana bread *bump & crack* gone???

Posted by: MarilynFL at 1:33 am on Apr 15, 2018

I ALWAYS had a high rise, a thick top crust and a long deep crack running down the middle.

Now? Nothing but flatness as far as these disappointed eyes can see.

And it's not just my old recipe (from the 70's, using Crisco. Don't judge). I also got a flat loaf from Steve in LA (bet he's laughing his butt off up in heaven). My friend's dependable cracky version failed. Genius Kitchen's, Serious Eats, and FLOUR's recipe. ALL FLAT.

I tested both my baking soda and my baking powder. Both are fresh and both react. I don't know what else to do.

I'm using organic bananas when possible, but went back to plain old Dole. Still no difference.

I thought it might be the altitude change from 7 feet in Florida to 3,000 feet in NC. But I never adjusted my recipe in ABQ at 5,000 feet and my old recipe worked fine then.

I just want my crack back. It was the best part of the whole loaf.
I'm thinking of putting a poster on a milk carton next.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.