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#30235: Id try preheating your oven even longer

Posted by: MariaDNoCA at 8:04 pm on Apr 15, 2018

Because you jogged my memory. My mother-in-law‘s “new“ stove in the 1990s takes at least 45 minutes of preheating oven temp be damned. The first time I roast a chicken at her house it took an hour longer than at my house — in my dandy spot on 1959 pink wall oven.

When my friend had similar problems with her expensive Thermidor wall ovens, it was the repair person that said new stoves and ovens don’t have the same type of insulation that the older ones did and he recommended at minimum 35 minutes to preheat newer ovens.

My old oven always gives me the bump/crack. You aren’t using a different size pan are you?

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