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#30313: Lesson learned! In the future I'll certainly remember to phrase my ? as "Could I make U some spa-

Posted by: wigs at 3:43 pm on May 31, 2018

ghettii & meatballs?" (Or vegetable beef barley soup -OR-whatever I want to make!) Evidently you left yourself wide open, but who would have anticipated somebody giving such an answer as this "friend" of yours?

I'm now thinking about what I would consider my top 5 meals, and this situation could get more compound/complex==>

1) Marinated green-peppercorn pork tenderloin;
2) Joe's friend, Gary's, brined turkey w/ charlie's dressing;
3) Individual Beef Wellingtons w/ a wild mushroom duxelle;
4) Red-Chile, Filet of Beef and Shiitake-Mushroom Stroganoff and
5) Pasta Primavera.

Your friend chooses one of the above and Cha-CHING!!! Big bucks are involved not to mention beaucoup time. Good luck, Cyn.