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#30326: Warning: Not a fan of "Amish Products"

Posted by: Richard in Cincy at 5:56 pm on Jun 7, 2018

Having grown up down the road from a large Amish colony in southern Ohio I've seen up close their methods, tasted their foods for sale, etc. For me, it is just one big marketing hoax. Real Amish food is bland and flavorless. They don't go in for fancy, deluxe, or frills.

Their "homemade" breads and baked goods were so plain (bread: white flour, water, salt, yeast) that everything I was baking at the time as a teenager was far superlative than the stuff people were lining up to buy at their farm because it was Amish/homemade/wholesome/old timey/etc.

Now the delis are carrying "Amish" potato salad and coleslaw that comes in big cardboard cartons. It is albino white and is the foulest spew I've ever put in my mouth. I literally spit out the first, and last, bite of it I ever tried because it was so horrible.

Think about it: Amish practitioners do not use electricity. How can they manufacture their plain bland food in large processing centers for national distribution without electricity?

Click the link to read what "Amish Roll Butter" really is and toss the word "Amish" into the waste bucket of marketing terms to trick you into buying something that isn't what you're being lead to think it is.