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#30558: Yep, I feel the same. I don’t and haven’t done FB ever

Posted by: MariaDNoCA at 6:05 am on Oct 20, 2018

Well, I do have an account I’ve never used. Back when a company I was at asked all of their employees to help get the fledgling company they were partnering with off the ground by creating an account. I’ve never opened it since and certainly would not from my home ip address. I’ve had several opportunities over the years to work there, and would be rolling in stock money if I had, but I really don’t like what they are about. Never have. Not gonna and nobody can make me.

If this is just about trying to find the long lost friend, you’re likely going to have better luck with G versus FB. G will still find someone on FB unless they have very private settings. You just won’t be able to drill down on that info, but G will find public records, relatives, etc. super difficult to hide from them as they access to basically everything.

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