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#30573: Success with Q#1: Curse of the Sticking Flan. I used Cathy's idea to wipe

Posted by: MarilynFL at 1:33 pm on Oct 29, 2018

a dab of oil (used the sunflower/coconut oil I had bought for Richard's sugar cookies) and barely left a sheen on the plate. Inverted and the flan dropped right out as usual. But this time, each and every slice lifted off the platter easily.

Huzzah! (as I would say if I were on a British military frigate and acting in a pirate movie)

Thanks for the suggestions. You guys are the best!

PS: Using Theo Chocolate's method of portioning out and melting the sugar 1/3 at a time results in a perfect deep-golden liquid caramel without any crystallization. Every time. I also employ a non-stick pan, Silicon stirrer and prayers to Daisy while melting it.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.