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That would be me. When I was making soup to sell, some of the

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favorites were just plain old split pea and navy bean. I would buy hams on sale and have the butcher slice them into three slices for me. Inexpensive, meaty and kept well in the freezer.
When the hams go on sale, but a couple and have them sliced like that. It's great for when you need a ham bone or so, and want a meatier soup or beans. Personally, for the holidays, I like the spiral sliced hams. It makes dinner so easy. I have bought them at Cosco and they were very good, but I have to agree with the consensus, Honey Baked Hams are probably the best.
There is a recipe, I think it is called Monty's Ham, that calls for using the a cheap ham, and the way you bake it makes it fantastic. I will look and find it, and post it here.

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