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Qzina is offering 40 percent of these bulk chocolate/pastry products

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Posted to Thread #12671 at 12:55 pm on Nov 18, 2008

That should be 40% OFF!

Some of you folks who live close together might consider making a bulk order and splitting it.

Shipping is free over $200; flat rate of $25 for under $200.

Quantities are limited on products.

This is the site where I've ordered my block chocolate for years. Many come in the flat block package you saw Nan holding: 5 kg = 11 pounds. That may seem like a lot, but you can use over 2 pounds just making Ina Garten's Outrageous Brownies.

And I've read enough about chocolate from professionals to believe them when they say good quality chocolate will last over 2 years. Even if it gets a bloom on it, the chocolate is still fine for baking. White chocolate, though, didn't seem to last quite as long. One year seemed max on that.

Last time I ordered unsweetened disks as well...those are a charm to work with.

The only issue is this link does not give prices. The last time I ordered (2 years ago) I paid $45 for 11 pounds of 70% bittersweet & $42 for 11 pounds of 55% semisweet. I've also bought gianduja (hazelnut sweet chocolate, aka Heaven On Earth), white chocolate, unsweetened disks. I don't know what the prices are now given the news about rising chocolate prices.

There is also a link for Canadian products.

Qzina has facilities in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Illinois, and New Jersey. They will ship from the closest to you.

Canada has Vancouver, Edmonton & Toronto sites.

I've always called in my order, they validate my credit card via faxed signature and I get the order within a few days.

If you love to try new stuff, having bulk chocolate like this is a dream. I gloat ever so slightly everytime I see the half pound chunks of the SAME STUFF shrinkwrapped at Whole Foods for 3 times what I paid for it.


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