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Meryl, I have always simply added 1 Tablespoon of light molasses since I always keep a bottle of it

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Posted to Thread #12673 at 9:38 pm on Nov 21, 2008

in the refrigerator. Oops, I guess there is another tweak I forgot to mention. Very sorry!

The 2 tsps called for in the recipe never seemed like enough to bother with, but I WILL take the time to bring my molasses to room temperature and measure out 1 Tablespoon to add to the cheesecake filling! I've never completely left the molasses out so I don't know if the taste difference would be noticeable or not--I have just always included 1 Tbsp of light molasses because I always keep some on hand.

There are so many other ingredients in that cake, though, and with the orginal called for being such a small amount in comparison, i.e., 2 tsps, I can't imagine it would be that noticeable or critical to simply omit the molasses all together.

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