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Congrats, Gayle - such wonderful news! As for your other question

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years ago I looked into selling baked goods from my home kitchen and what I remember was (and please, since my memory is foggy at best and it's been many years, don't rely on what I'm saying as necessarily correct):
1) as long as I didn't advertise I could use my home kitchen (so basically it was through word of mouth, is what I understood)
2) once I started to market my goods the thing I remember most is that I needed to use a separate kitchen from my 'family' kitchen and it needed it's own entrance.

Eight years ago we built our current home it includes a finished lower level walk-out (we live on a lake) and we put an extra 'full-funtioning' kitchen in it. Mainly we did this since when we entertain large crowds (like both families over for Passover) we set up on the lower level where I can accomodate up to 30 or so and the kitchen is put to good use. But also because in the back of my mind I hoped to someday 'market' some home made cakes/concoctions.

Best of luck to you, Gayle.


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