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Jamaican Sorrel -- fresh spicy flavor, and beautiful color.

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Ingredients: dried sorrel (known here as hibiscus),fresh ginger, sugar, allspice (optional)


6 oz dried sorrel
sliced fresh ginger, about 1/2 cup
8 to 10 allspice berries
8 cups water
2.5 cups water for re-draft
1.5 cups white sugar

Yields 8.5 cups of drink

1. Spread the sorrel out on aluminum foil or a white cloth which will make it easy to spot and remove any debris or unfit sorrel pieces.

2. After you have cleaned the sorrel pour it into a large cooking pot with 8 cups of water. Add the ginger.

3. Boil the mixture for10 minutes after it begins to boil. Remove immediately and pour through a strainer into a glass pitcher.

4. Return the remains from tea strainer and return to the cooking pot and add 2.5 cups of water. Bring to a rapid boil again and remove after 10 minutes.

5. Strain the mixture and discard the residue.

6. Sweeten with 1.5 cups of white sugar or to taste.

7. Cool then serve over ice. Refrigerate the remainder. Add water to the strength you like.

In Jamaica, we used to spike this with white rum at Christmas. I like to add lemon grass too -- especially the leaves, when I am using the white part for curries.

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