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My Italian father loves OG. Go figure. I think he considers it a bargain because they keep bringing

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those gawdawful breadsticks. He's a depression-era cheapo.

I actually got hired there once, in my late twenties. I was desperate for a job and they were opening a new store in Torrance. The interview consisted of three managers explaining to me the "concept of HOSPITALIANO." They didn't ask any questions because they were hiring everyone who walked in anyway. The first part of orientation was learning the "hospitaliano" theme song. It was scary, like joining a cult.

Fortunately, that was as far as it went. I ended up being saved from a career in breadsticks by being hired at TGIFridays next door, another horrible chain. What a nightmare--I could write a book about that place!

Ahhhh, to be self-employed and to dine at Mom-and Pops!

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