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Mom asked for turkey/apple sausage. Rec I'm going to use: Chicken or Turkey and Apple Sausages

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Posted to Thread #12822 at 9:07 pm on Nov 30, 2008

** Chicken or Turkey and Apple Sausages **

8 lbs chicken thighs or turkey leg meat
3 cups apple juice
dried apples, 120 grams, diced
Sweet wine (icewine, port, or sauternes) 100 ml
Salt, 60 grams
sugar, 52 grams
white pepper, 8 grams
dried sage, 6 grams
ground allspice, 3 grams
dried ginger, 2 grams
cloves, 1 gram
Nutmeg, i gram
cinnamon, 1 gram
strong chicken bullion, 100 ml

Cube chicken with fat and skin, and partially freeze. Boil apple juice until it is reduced to a thick syrup, about 1/2 cup. Cool.

Grind all dried spices in coffee grinder. Reconstitute apples in 4 cups warm water. Drain.

Grind chicken on large hole grinder (1/4 inch). Add all other ingredients and mix well. Let sit in fidge 3 hours. I stuffed into 32MM casings (hog or sheep) using the two hole plate of my grinder. If using a dedicated stuffer, regrind with 1/4 inch plate prior to stuffing. Link to 4 inch sausages. ( I made about 28 links.)

I steamed the whole lot gently for 45 minutes then froze. This allows us to thaw, then grill/griddle for color and to warm up (except I saved a bit for small patties for my youngest daughter/stuffer helper). Split down the middle, into a hot pan with another pan on top.... mmmmm!

Vinnerís note: Next time, I might only use half the skin and fat. Double grinding helps with binding, and so may not need all the fat that US producers include in their thigh packages.

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Link: Chicken and Apple Sausages

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