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Oh yes. I stopped buying shrimp 3 years ago for just that reason. Wild shrimp is so

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difficult to find.

And I read one report a year ago that stated that some of the wheat was coming from China as well. That really is scary.

We are fortunate to live in such a resource-rich area here. I bought bags and bags of local apples at 25 cents a pound so that they would last the winter. And squashes, cabbage, potatoes, anything that will last awhile and that I don't have to worry about in the winter. The amazing prices are just an extra bonus, but how fortunate we are.

I was making a comment a few weeks ago here that even though products say they are made in Canada or US, we still don't have the assurance of the origin of the individual ingredients. Don't forget the huge pet food scandal of 3 years ago; the food was canned in the US and sold there while Canada purchase some beef from the US and canned it in Canada...not knowing it was meat from China. Lots of dead and seriously ill pets in CAnada and the US.

I think the Chinese are finally reporting only about 8 babies' deaths as a result of the melamine poisoning but who knows how many there really are. The news casts showed dozens of parents there with very sick babies, some of babies who had already died (in a country where they are allowed one per family).

(stepping down from my shaky soapbox now)

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