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Michael in Phoenix

Thanks for calling my attention to this. As for China, I can say this: a friend of mine...

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Posted to Thread #12860 at 8:00 pm on Dec 3, 2008 for a very, very large and prominent electronics manufacturer. She is a professional in many disciplines, and her job is to check out foreign businesses that seek to provide parts for the megacorp she works for.

She has flown to practically any country you can name in the last 20 years, and she sets up shop and does a fine-tooth-comb inspection of every aspect of the business she is scouting. She is so thorough and efficient, when she's through with them, they feel like they've had the same procedure Katie Couric had on national television.

She spent a combined total of 6 years in China. She says, bluntly, that the cutthroat attitudes in China are worse than any country she's ever seen (including Russia), and businessmen at all levels operate with no regard for the safety of the consumer -ESPECIALLY if the product is being exported.

I could go on, but you get the idea.


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