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Oh Kathleen....What were you thinking!!! ?**&^*& Here is what I would do

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Posted to Thread #12863 at 9:11 pm on Dec 3, 2008

Based on your child/adult ratio, I would try to make it as simple as possible. I really enjoy the lasagne at Cosco / BJ's. They make some incredible meat/vegitarian lasagnes.

I would also purchase their large bags of romaine lettuce and make a great ceasar salad dressing. I love the garlic one on epi. You can make some home made croutons the day before, and will be very impressive. When you serve; if you can, purchase a large piece of parmesean and sliver pieces with your cucumber/potato peeler.

I also would make a great garlic bread. No one likes to admit that they eat it, but it all seems to dissapear. I love Pegs recipe for stuffed garlic bread. Not sure if it has made it's way over from Gails. BUT, it is really good, and make ahead.

I would ask your friends to either bring dessert or appetizers. In my case, I am not a sweet eater, so I am always asking for after dinner help.

It will all work out and be alot of fun!! Kudos to you to coordinating!


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