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I just went to a wine tasting with wines from the country of Georgia. Very interesting flavor

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I met the wine buyer for Whole Foods and he said Georgia was the last untapped place for exquisite wines. He explained that Georgia has a wine tradition dating back to the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs (7,000 years) and Georgia is on the historic spice trade route. The grapes grown there are indigenous.

Why haven't you heard of wines from Georgia? Previously they had a long tradition of exporting wines for the Russian market. A skirmish in 2006 resulted in an embargo against wines from Georgia, which impacted the economy significantly (90% of their wines went to Russia.)

As a result of the embargo, they were forced to find a new market. Folks here in Seattle teamed up with USAID and Whole Foods, helped the Georgian's build a distribution channel and poise themselves for the international market. Voila! In less than 18 months, their wines were being distributed in the US.

It's a fascinating story...and even more intriguing are the wines themselves. Lots of character for a price point largely under $20. (Whole Foods sells most around $10-12 a bottle.)

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