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Oh -- he eats chocolate all right....chocolate cookies, donuts....

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Posted to Thread #12974 at 2:27 pm on Dec 11, 2008

White food kids eat basically bland boring stuff. Like grilled cheese sandwiches -- but try putting a tomato in there --- NO WAY. Spaghetti is ok with sauce but the sauce had better be plain and bland -- so no sausage, meat, herbs, etc. Scrambled eggs and toast - but nothing in the eggs and nothing but butter on the toast. Hot dogs in buns, a touch of catsup is ok - but nothing else. Pizza - cheese only, no sauce if possible...

I know kids at this age might not be adventurous, but I'd like to make things interesting -- have him help me cook -- so that I can then lead him to just trying them.

So - we will be doing a chocolate fondue for dessert too -- I'm sure he'll like that. But I doubt he'd try a cheese sauce that wasn't bland like american cheese. Maybe I'll just melt some velveta in a separate bowl for him to dip, and make the usual cheese fondue for the parents....


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