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Ours is going to be a bit different this year....

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Posted to Thread #13135 at 8:01 pm on Dec 19, 2008

....every year we have the same foods for all the big meals surrounding the holidays and I LOVE it. I am nothing if not all about tradition. So, we always have a big cheese fondue for Christmas dinner with a huge, hearty salad and platters of Christmas cookies for dessert. Christmas morning is always the same breakfast casserole, citrus/pom salad and cranberry nut bread along with spiked coffees and mimosas for the grown ups and a hot chocolate bar for the kids. Dinner is always prime rib, yorkshire pudding, etc. This year, for the first time in my lifetime, we are not having any other family around. Due to a variety of circumstances, (illnesses, new babies, etc.) it will just be me, DH and our three little boys. Well, I am totally fine with the Christmas eve stuff and the Christmas am stuff but I simply will NOT spend the entire day in the kitchen, alone, cooking a huge meal on Christmas day. If my mom or MIL or sister or anyone else was around with whom to cook, it would be a different story. I would much, much prefer to spend the day playing with my guys and all their new toys. Santa is still very much the man in our home so it is going to be so much fun. So, I went to Target and Costco and bought every single frozen appetizer and snack that I could find. Stuff I have never had and stuff I have never allowed in the house. If TGIFridays made it, I bought it. Can you say "taquitos?" I am just going to heat stuff up all day and we are going to have a sorta tapas of "Foods that Mommy never lets us eat." My husband has made several passing comments about sodium levels and transfats but the alternative is him cooking and, well, I need not say more.

After our junk food binge, we will have Christmas cake.


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