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LOL! Well...there's a funny story about that...

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When I first moved to Seattle, I was wide-eyed and straight from Peoria (seriously). I was so excited to have my very first Starbucks experience. Then, standing in line in an affluent part of town, I listened to everyone in front of me rattle off their long orders. Overwhelmed and undecided, I walked up to the counter and was too intimidated to order. I asked the beaming barista for a "Coke." She was very unsympathetic and said, "We don't sell that here. The grocery store is across the street." I was too embarrased to figure something else out, and drink in hand.

Determined to overcome my fear, I actually got a job at Starbucks! At the time, they sent us to the headquarters for 5 days of training. We learned not only how to make drinks, but about the different varieties of coffee (no prebagged stuff at that time), and how to sell the various coffee machines.

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