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I agree with Shaun that there are many grades. My family always bought supermarket grade...

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espresso --preground. Frankly, that's all we knew in those days. Today, I like to try different brands. When we go into a "little Italy" type area like the one on Arthur Ave in NYC, I'll buy specialty beans; and those are most always superior to prepackaged ones.

Shaun's brand is widely used by Italian coffee and pastry shops here--it's excellent.

I still have a can of decaf Medalia d'Oro in the freezer just in case.

If you surf around, you'll find that there are "finatics" out there who only buy small quantities at a time and grind only with special grinders, and only use hand pumped machines. I love it when I get a perfect cup made that way, but hesitate to get into it at that level.

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