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Lana in FL

Well, I cheated, really. I used Dreamweaver to write the post,

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and pasted the HTML into the message box. You can just put the HTML commands in, but I've become very lazy since I bought Dreamweaver (same DD is disgusted with me because I don't write in HTML - she types happily away in it, having apparently absorbed it from the air). I posted the pictures to my web site, and linked to them, but you can link to photobucket.
I know the following instruction will work, because I had to turn the tag into an image or the system read the HTML and you couldn't see it!
Where you want to add an image, type the following with your photobucket link pasted where the sample says url (and please don't put in the vertical line at the end - that was a mistake!)

<p><img src=""></p>

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