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Two ounces of cooked meat, (burger) in a taco shell/tortilla is not much. . .

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I used to work at a taco stand/fast food place and we would periodically measure our tacos (shell) and then put meat in them and measure again. Two ounces isn't as much as you think, unless you are using small tortilla/shells.

If people will be serving themselves the tortillas/taco shells and filling them with meat themselves and if you need at least 120 servings, I would pre-cook extra and have it waiting, ready and at heat in the oven to bring out. A lot of people will pile on the meat if serving themselves.

As for precooking the meat, yes, pre-cook, drain and then you might want to weigh and see how much you turn up with. Fill some shells/tortilla and see what the weight of the meat is in them. Then you will get a more accurate indication of how much meat you will need for your taco bar.

Also, cool the cooked meat rapidly, in shallow containers and refrigerate ASAP if you are not immediately refrigerating the meat after cooking. Store in the fridge in shallow containers.

Re-heat the meat on the stove to get it quickly up to temp and then you can place it in the serving pans and cover with foil or lids and hold in the oven till serving.

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