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If they would invite us, they can't be that exclusive!

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After all these restaurants are a business and I'm sure hope to turn a profit and have to recruit new people. I think there are a lot of different motivations for having these dinners. I think for some it is a vanity project, some chefs don't want the day to day stress of running a restaurant and some have a special focus with the food. There is often a "value" aspect to it. The secrecy is part of the shtick. Ghetto Gourmet is a website devoted to underground restaurants and the symbol alot of them have is a skull with a chef's hat and fork and spoon as the cross bones. We went anticipating great food but what we really enjoyed was meeting people that had the same interest in food and wine that we do and much more knowledgeable than we are but in a very humble way. Most of all our friends and family think feta cheese is very exotic and don't drink wine. I think it would be fun to have your own dinner club with others who like to cook. That is the more elusive group!

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