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I've been doing a version for a year or two & they always get rave reviews

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Posted to Thread #13952 at 3:47 am on Feb 27, 2009

Think I got it from Jacques Pepin - Fondantes or something like that. But I do it almost exactly like this - boil little potatoes in salted water or chicken stock likethey say. Then I drain them well and return them in the pan to the burner on medium heat to dry the skins out a little. Smash the potatoes.

I heat a cast iron skillet and fry up some bacon. Remove the bacon and add the potatoes to the bacon fat in the pan and add just a little butter for additional flavor. Fry until nice and crusty - I like to get them just to that point of almost burning. Make sure the skin is good and crispy.

Remove to an oven-proof platter or dish. Top with grated cheese (cheddar, pepper jack - have fun) and put in a hot oven to melt cheese. Remove from oven and crumble the bacon over. Drizzle with sour cream and enjoy.

Or use some Mexican cheese and top with sour cream, salsa, guacamole and jalepeno peppers.

You can do all sorts of variations. My daughter likes using a little olive oil with a little pesto to fry them and then melt Parmesan/Romano cheeses or asiago on top.

They are addictive! I've used all sorts of small potatoes but of course ones from the local farmers market freshly dug are the best by far.

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