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Liang-pan-huang-kua: Cucumber Salad with Spicy Dressing

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Posted to Thread #13965 at 2:38 pm on Mar 1, 2009

2 med cucumbers (I've used peeled English and peeled regular)
1 t. soy
1 T. white vinegar (I used plain rice vinegar)
1 T. sugar
2 t. sesame-see oil
1/4 t. Tabasco
1/2 t. salt

Cut cucumbers lenghtwise in two. With a small spoon, scrape the seed out of each half, leaving hollow boatlike shells. Cut crosswise into 14" slices. In small glass or porcelain bowl, combine soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, Tabasco and salt; mix well. Add cucumber. With a large sppon, toss to coat each slice throroughly with dressing. Chill slightly before serving.

(Better if cool but not cold.)

Source: Time Life

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