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How long can you keep cheese at room temperature?

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Posted to Thread #14012 at 1:03 pm on Mar 3, 2009

We had the dreaded refrigerator failure. It was the extra refrigerator in the basement. By the time I found it, the food in the freezer was warm and beginning to have an off smell. I cleaned out the freezer and tossed everything. In the refrigerator compartment I had some packages of cheese - cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, blue cheese, goat cheese etc. They were probably without refrigeration for several days. Are they still good? I know the old general store left cheese on the counter to sell, and I've been told when buying cheese from artisan cheese makers that it doesn't need refrigeration. That little frugal voice in my head keeps whispering that it's fine. What do you think?

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