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Totally gross but true... While preparing a favorite baked salmon dinner for my Dad and I tonight...

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Posted to Thread #14018 at 5:29 am on Mar 4, 2009

and much to my horror... I started to quarter a pound of farm-raised salmon that I bought today at a local supermarket only to find that there were heavy deposits of blood underneath the skin. They were rather large and unappealing deposits I might add...

"What the heck is it??" I asked myself! I've never seen such an abnormality in salmon nor any fish that I've purchased. I immediately called the supermarket and they could not answer to the strange malformation. They did however, volunteer to ask that I return the farm-raised salmon for a refund. I just wondered if any of you have seen salmon fillets, center cut, where there were big blobs of blood right underneath the skin and if so, what the heck is it???

This is darn right scary! I do know that farm-raised seafood is not the greatest nor healthiest stuff from the sea and, if only eaten occasionally, shouldn't pose a problem to our health, but this was bizarre and I'm hoping someone here can explain this. I know about the "blood" line in certain fish but this was a substantial mass of blood in a one-pound center cut salmon fillet.

I would appreciate your feedback before returning the salmon to the supermarket tomorrow so that I can talk intelligently - if that's the case!

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