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I forgot to mention that when I first saw the window display of salmon fillets,

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there was a large cut turned skin-side up with what I would call a couple of blemishes (i.e. like the scales got scraped naturally). I've never seen upsidedown fish fillets with blemishes on the skin atop a pile of seemingly good looking salmon fillets right side up (flesh side up). When I ordered a pound of center cut, he picked up the skin-side up fillet and did his thing and laughed that it came to .99 lb. when I had asked for a pound, as if his cutting skills were right on target within an ounce.

Why was that large piece of blemished skin-side-up fish over the top of flesh-side up fillets to begin with??

Sorry, but I'm very suspicious and have googled here tonight with no luck about blood-clotted salmon fillets.

Thanks for listening!

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