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What happened? I made salad "caprese" and emulsified the dressing into mayo-ish glop!

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Posted to Thread #14023 at 5:49 pm on Mar 4, 2009

Rather than making a big bowl of caprese salad, I wanted to serve individual dishes with greens under an open-faced sandwich. Used organic greens, panini-grilled slices of Panera "asiago cheese" bread, thick slabs of surprisingly tasty "Ugli" tomatoes, fresh slices of mozarella and basil leaves. The grilled bread, tomato and cheese were run under the broiler to warm/slightly melt the cheese, then placed on top of the greens, sprinkled with herbs, and dressed.

I had the dressing all ready:

3 Tbl of Balsamic (totally unstolen!! Used 2 Tbl of fig balsamic and 1 tbl of regular balsamic)
1/2 C EVOO
1 minced garlic
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper.

Got worried that the balsamic and oil wouldn't be evenly dispersed on the salad and so SECONDS before I served the plates, I took my stick blender and wizzed it. The dressing turned smooth and perfectly emulsified, but thick! Spoonable thick. Too thick!! I could barely get it off the spoon to drizzle over the greens and panini. And it lost its sheen...even with all that oil. Ended up looking like gravy that cools and congeals! Awful looking!

So...I'd score the dish a 90 for taste, a 70 for ease of eating (the crunchy Panera bread was a bit difficult to cut with a butter knife; a steak knife would have made things easier) but only a 50 for appearance because of the "congealiosity" factor.

Anyone care to channel Corriher and tell me where I went wrong?

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