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KFR.....kinda food related? But really all about me. LOL

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Iíve done some whining here in the last 1 1/2 years after having to go to work as a cashier at Publix. I hate it! Itís a really hard, physically exhausting job but I was able to get the responsibility of setting up the products in the case that are needed for Apronís. Itís a cooking demo station in all the stores. Publix is really pushing their Apronís recently because of the economy and trying to help people to make good, healthy, quick meals and they want every store to have it going 7 dayís a week. Well, I guess all my interest and letting it be known that it is something I would like to do has paid off. They ask me to do it 3 days a week. I know, sounds pretty silly but it is huge to me. I love to cook and people. And Iím not working until midnight! I trained on Sunday and tomorrow is my first day on my own. Iím a really happy camper and just wanted to share.

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