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Thanks Michael! Here's what happened when I returned the salmon today...

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Posted to Thread #14018 at 11:11 pm on Mar 4, 2009

I went to the customer service counter and insisted on seeing the manager who oversees the seafood department. He was very apologetic and said that the clerk should have seen the blood clots and offered to get me a new cut. I declined and said I would go to another supermarket. He seemed to think it was the blood line.... He also said the reason that the salmon fillet was skin side up on the rest of the large fillets was to retain the color (farm raised and color enhanced).

I drove a couple of miles further down to another supermarket to get a pound of salmon to replace the one I had returned. I told the seafood clerk there what had happened and asked him if he knew what it might have been. He said that he is not aware of salmon having a blood line nor has he seen anything like that.

Michael, thanks so much for this information. I will call the manager I spoke to yesterday and tell him about what you've posted. If that piece of salmon was infected, it was laying atop others! That is sooo not good!

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